Karl Unterrainer
Vienna University of Technology
Photonics Institute
Gusshausstr. 27-29
1040 Vienna, Austria

Office CA 01 21

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Tel. +43-1-58801-38730
Sec. +43-1-58801-38701 or 38704
Fax. +43-1-58801-38799

Short CV:

Education 1996 - Habilitation
  1989 - PhD, University of Innsbruck
  1986 - MSc, Physics, University of Innsbruck
Career History 2010-present - Director, Photonics Institute, VUT
  2005-2009 - Director, Center for Micro- and Nanostructures, VUT
  2003-present - Full Professor, Vienna University of Technology
  2001 - Visiting Researcher, Lucent Technologies, USA
  1998-2003 - Associate Professor, Vienna University of Technology
  1996-1997 - Assistant Professor, Vienna University of Technology
  1994-1995 - Visiting Researcher, University of California, Santa Barbara
  1992-1994 - University Assistant, Vienna University of Technology
  1990-1992 - Research Assistant, University of Innsbruck
  1986-1989 - Teaching Assistant, University of Innsbruck
Scientific Interests THz generation and sepctroscopy
  semiconductor heterostructures
  semiconductor lasers
  optoelectronic devices
  quantum optics in nanostructures
Awards START programme award (Austrian Science Fund FWF), elected member "Junge Kurie" (Austrian Academy of Sciences ÖAW), Schrödinger fellowship (Austrian Science Fund FWF)